Friday, December 4, 2009

Tedd Tripp Parenting Videos

The link above will take you to a series of videos featuring Tedd Tripp, who I very highly regard as a biblical counselor. He wrote Shepherding a Child's Heart, and speaks all around the country. He does a great job of biblically challenging parents to instruct and discipline their child toward godliness--helping them really get to the heart of behavior issues. He is extremely wise, and I think watching these videos would be a great help to any parent, regardless of the number or age of your children. Prepare to be challenged and encouraged.

The topics are:
Helping Kids Understand Authority
Helping Kids Understsand the Heart
Overview of Corrective Discipline
Giving Kids a Vision for God's Glory
The Call to Formative Instruction

You can watch the videos or just listen to the audio.

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