Monday, December 7, 2009

Adopting for Life Conference

The seminary Pastor John and I graduated from is hosting a conference called "Adopting for Life" in February. See the link above for information about it.

I think this conference would be great for any couple that is considering adoption (whether in the near or distant future) or who wants to be more supportive of those who are. The speakers at this conference are absolutely phenomenal (they have greatly impacted my understanding of and heart for adoption), and apparently there are going to be some great organizations there which help Christian couples with the adoption process.

If you register by the end of this year, it's 125 per person or 200 per couple. I am really considering going and hope that you are as well.

Let God stir your heart to have a greater interest and involvement in adopting the boys and girls who are without parents both here in Ohio and around the world. Remember that God has adopted us into His family as sons, who have received all the benefits of sonship! How this should motivate us to adopt sons and daughters of our own.

Let's do some gospel re-enacting or at the very least help others do it.

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