Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passion Week -- John 17

Here's a few things you and your family could discuss about John 17. Remember to keep it light, focused, and interesting. Boring kids--or spouses--with the Bible will turn them off to it. Try one of the following:

1. Jesus prays for His disciples that they would “be one” (v. 11). Ask what Jesus meant by this. Ask if your family feels like they “are one” with the other members of our church—or even with each other. Then discuss things you could do as a family to try to “be one” with others in the church (e.g. spend time with them outside of church, pray for other families during the week, listen to other children/adults when they are sharing about their lives when you’re at church, do good deeds for each other, etc.).

2. Remind them about what is about to happen here: Jesus is about to be handed over, put on trial, and crucified. And He knew it. But even at this dark time, He was praying for other people. Think with them about how different this is from the typical way we respond when we go through hard times…Then spend a little bit of time praying for other people in your neighborhood, extended family, and church.

3. Remind them of what Pastor John pointed out on Sunday—that Jesus prayed for Christians who are alive today, even though He was praying this almost 2000 years ago (vs. 20-21)! If your children are believers, then Jesus was praying for them! Then ask them to see what Jesus was praying for them about (have them look at those specific verse)…Point out that what Jesus wanted to happen was for Christians to love each other so much that the world would look at them and know that Jesus is real and powerful! Discuss how love between Christians could actually help non-Christians come to believe in Jesus.

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