Friday, April 10, 2009

Passion Week -- John 18

Here's a few more questions as you spend time with your family on Good Friday.

1. When Judas comes with the mob of people to take Jesus away, Peter tries to respond to them with violence. How does Jesus react to Peter’s aggression? How are we tempted in our lives to act like Peter and react to others with violence or aggression? How differently would we respond if we followed the example of Jesus?

2. Peter denied Jesus three different times, even though He had promised Jesus that He would never deny Him or turn his back on Him. A lot of times we act as if we would never deny Jesus. We put on a show as if we are perfect people. But what are ways that your family denies Jesus day-to-day? (Try to help your kids realize that Jesus’ love for them is much more amazing when they realize that they have denied Him over and over. He loves sinners—people who’ve abandoned and rebelled against Him!)

3. In verse 36 Jesus tells Pilate, “my kingdom is not of this world.” What was Jesus trying to tell Pilate? Try to help your children see the difference between the governments/kingdoms that we typically think of in our world and how Jesus’ is different. (For example, His kingdom is eternal. He reigns over the whole universe, not just part of the world. Also, His rule is not one that was achieved by force, but by changing people’s hearts.)
This would be a great time to go over a “Who Will Be King?” tract. I have some of these at church if anybody wants one. It’s a basic gospel presentation that is GREAT for kids!

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