Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Passion Week -- John 16

Here are some ideas about what you could discuss with your family in regards to today's text (John 16). Remember to keep it light and simple.

1. Discuss what Jesus teaches about the Holy Spirit here. Possibilities: Ask why Jesus said it was "to the disciples' advantage" that He would leave. Ask what it means that the Holy Spirit would be sent to "convict the world." Or ask what it means for the Spirit to "guide you into all the truth;" ask about times where the Spirit has led you or your family members into better understanding.

2. Jesus compares the image of a woman giving birth and the joy that follows to the sorrow that his disciples were starting to feel (because He was about to leave them) and the joy that they would feel afterward. Discuss your family's own times of "sorrow" and how they eventually gave way to times of "rejoicing." Ask how it's possible for Christians to have joy "that no one can take away" (v. 22) even when we face very difficult circumstances.

3. Discuss verse 33. Jesus says he wants His disciples to have "peace." But He reminds them that they WILL have difficulties in this life. Ask what He means then when He says, "Take heart; I have overcome the world." In other words, what does it mean that Jesus "overcame the world," and what difference does that make for us as we face the difficulties that arise in life?

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