Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What Are We Really Doing Sunday Mornings?

I came across this article today and was really struck by his call to check our attitudes toward Sunday morning worship. Check it out...

Click here to read the full article. Here's an excerpt of it:

So back to your home church this upcoming Sunday. When you enter and the music begins, what are you more aware of? Is it the song set? the musicians? the mix? Does the worship band wow you? Does the routine bore you?

Or do you perceive something beyond all this?

Your church is one authentic manifestation of the entire people of God that right now is worshiping before the throne of God. That is the reality of new covenant worship. And when we begin to wrap our minds around that, there springs to mind a thousand reasons to rejoice, to praise, and to sing; and to renounce flippancy, self-display, selfishness, superficiality, sloppiness, and thoughtlessness.

Before the God who is a consuming fire, we don’t shuffle in casually. We don’t demand our artistic preferences. We don’t merely gather with our friends. We don’t merely sing together. As the people of God, we enter into the very presence of God.

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Stephanie said...

Thanks for the reminder sweetheart. It's a big temptation of mine to be distracted on Sundays with Caleb. This was challenging and much needed!