Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea

Before I forget, I came across a great gift idea for this Christmas for the students in our church. It's a devotional book called "Solo." You can check it out here.
Basically it is a New Testament devotional that has the reader go through four steps each day:
READ a passage.
THINK about its content.
PRAY about what God's revealed to you.
LIVE out the changes it calls for.

This Read, Think, Pray, Live strategy is one I've been trying to teach out students about. Check it out at the bookstore and see what you think. Could be what you need to help your child gain a fresher interest in God's Word. Maybe it could be something you even do together as a family (though the title seems to call for it to be a personal matter).

Note: The one part I don't particularly like about it is that it is designed around "the Message" which is a paraphrase of the Bible rather than a translation. It still retains the basic message of the texts very well, but takes some liberty in translation that I would not. That said, I really like how this is set up and think it could be a HUGE help for your children!

It's on sale at here.

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