Monday, May 24, 2010

What You Learn From Being a Parent....

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, has recently made some very public comments about why Apple bans pornography from the company's extremely popular "App Store." A frustrated customer wrote in a complaint about the banning of porn from the online store, and Jobs wrote him back himself. In his correspondence, Jobs told the customer that someday his views will probably change--the day he becomes a parent. He told the young man that his desire for "freedom" will drastically be altered when he realizes that this "freedom" could lead to all sorts of evil in his own child's life.

Dr. Mohler, the president of my seminary (Southern), wrote a commentary on this exchange between Jobs and the customer, and affirmed Jobs' stance:

"Parenthood changes everything about one’s outlook on life and its challenges. A parent lacks the luxury of believing the world is all about himself or herself as individuals. Parents necessarily and understandably begin to think of the world in terms of how their children, and by extension the children of others as well, engage the world."

I think all parents can testify to the truth of the claims these guys are making! Our lives radically change when we are entrusted with another human life--one that deserves protection from evil and from sin. We know that we can never fully insulate our children from such things, but we are far more wary and cautious about them and their morality than we typically were with our own at their age. And rightfully so!

So let's keep fighting for what's right, moral, and Christ-honoring--even when our children, their peers, or the world at large doesn't understand.

Someday, Lord willing, our children will understand--but it might not be until they become parents themselves and God opens their eyes to see reality differently!

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