Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kids Accessing Movies Behind Your Back...

The rise of the internet and other technologies has made monitoring of children's lives extremely difficult. This article tries to help parents realize how easy it is for children to access movies--and other material--forbidden by their parents. In prior times, they would have had to sneak out of the house, lie to your face, or sneak into a movie theater. But now, all they have to do is use BitTorrent or YouTube to watch the movies on their computer or even on their iPod.

So is it a helpless fight trying to guard our children's minds? Not at all! This article gives some helpful advice at the end (like discussing the WHY of certain media being disallowed, establishing consequences beforehand, and enforcing them when rules are broken, etc.). But one thing they don't address is trying to help your child at a HEART level understand that undermining your authority as a parent and the legal authority of our government is a sin. And as sin, it's dishonoring (and even disgusting) to God--so awful that it must be punished. Try to point them, even in what some would consider petty sinning, to the awfulness of their rebellion, to the Savior that died in their place, and to their need to honor Him in ALL they do--even in their media intake. If they don't get that, their behavior will never genuinely change.

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