Monday, March 8, 2010

Loving the Way God Loves

"Many Christians grew up in homes where parental acceptance was based, to a large degree, on academic, athletic, musical, or perhaps some other standard of achievement. Often, in that kind of performance environment, they never quite felt as if they measured up to expectations, regardless of how successful they were. Then they transfer that sense of inadequacy to their relationship with God. They continually wonder, Is God pleased with me? Is He smiling on me with Fatherly favor?

"The answer to that question is an unqualified yes. God is smiling on you with Fatherly favor. He is pleased with you because He sees you as holy and without blemish in Christ. Do you want to talk about performance? Then consider that Jesus could say matter-of-factly and without pretentiousness, 'I always do what pleases him [the Father]' (John 8:29). When our father looks at us, He does not see our miserable performance. Instead, He sees the perfect performance of Jesus. And because of the perfect holiness of Jesus, He sees us as holy and without blemish."

-Jerry Bridges in Transforming Grace, pg. 104

Parents, let's remember God's gracious love for us--a love that is given not because we earn it or accomplish any good thing, but simply because He chooses to. And let's remember to love our kids in the same way. Let's not put conditions on our love and acceptance of them. We are modeling God's love to them--either well, or poorly. Let's make sure we do it well.

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