Thursday, January 7, 2010

Britt Hume on Tiger Woods

Above is a YouTube video from the O'Reilly Factor where Britt Hume, a Fox News anchor, is defending comments he made about Tiger Woods and how he would benefit from converting to the Christian faith. He says that Tiger is in great need of "forgiveness" and "redemption." He is exactly right and is making the point that Tiger's professed religion, Buddhism, offers no such redemption or forgiveness of sin. Hume has received a lot of flack from people about his comments, but I for one am proud that he is standing up for his statements.

You might be able to use this as an opportunity to show your children that there are indeed public figures who are Christians and who love and serve Jesus and stand up for the gospel. Be careful, though, that you don't idolize these types of people in your children's minds. We have all seen how very-public figures, who claim to be Christians, can desert their faith or at least practice a lifestyle that is totally inconsistent with the faith that they profess. If our young people's faith is upheld because they find comfort in the fact that celebrities, athletes, or pop-stars share their faith, then when such failures happen, their "faith" can collapse. Our children should trust and follow Christ because of how great HE is--not because how cool or great certain public figures are who claim to know Him.

One other note: I wish that Britt Hume would be more forthright in saying that Tiger Woods needs Christ Himself--not just the Christian religion. And I wish that all of us would learn to love Christ simply because of who He is and what He has done--not primarily for what we can get out of Him ("forgiveness" or "redemption" or "eternal life" or fill-in-the-blank.)

That said, I am proud of Britt Hume. And I hope that Tiger Woods does indeed turn to our Savior in this dark time of his life.

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