Monday, November 3, 2008

Passing Down a Fear of the Lord

So, the election is tomorrow. And I for one am a little nervous about what is going to take place. But I am confident at the same time, because I know that the ultimate hope for "change" in our world is not Barack Obama or John McCain or any government policies. Our greatest hope is that the gospel will go out from us as believers, that God will change hard hearts, and lead us to live lives that honor our Savior. The primary way that happens is through families.

"In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence,
and his children will have a refuge." -Proverbs 14:26

I read this verse a few days back in my devotional time, and with Stephanie being pregnant, it stuck out to me in particular. Why? Whatever--or whoever--parents trust in is likely what their children will trust in. And that is eye-opening to me as a soon-to-be dad. My hopes need to be placed in the only One who is trustworthy--not in money, or job status, or my own abilities. God has proven His love and His power most clearly in the death and resurrection of Jesus. And because of that, I can have "strong confidence" that He has forgiven me, that He offers me eternal life, and that He is more than capable of providing for my family's needs in this life.

I want to be a father who teaches his children to take "refuge" in the Savior. I have been prone to anxiety in my life, because I've tried trusting any number of things other than Christ. And I know my children, like all humans, will be tempted to do the same. I want them to take refuge in Christ--not in sports or video games or money or grades or possessions. Parents, even at a young age, let's teach our children to run to the same Savior that gives us "strong confidence," the One in whom we have placed our faith. Let's be intentional about passing down our "fear of the Lord."

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