Thursday, August 7, 2008

Links on the Side

Next week, I'll probably do my first "real" post. But today, I wanted to explain some of the links on the right side of the main page.

BBC's Website--This, of course, is our church's website. You can find pictures, contact info., and the like there.
Planet Wisdom--This is a site for teenagers and anyone who works with teenagers. It has reviews of music, movies, etc. It has a simple devotional material for students that I actually think is a great starting point. It has some great articles as well, which are under Features/Worldview with Sean McDowell.
Shepherd Press--This is a publishing group of counselors who I have learned a LOT from. They really do a great job of providing resources for families that are biblically based and really get to the root of our struggles. Their blog is VERY good. Hopefully, in the upcoming months, when I start to recommend and read books with many of the parents of our church, I will pull from their texts.
The Rebelution--This is a site started by Alex and Brett Harris to combat society's low expectations of teenagers. The Bible has a great deal to say to young people, and these guys are trying to jump start our young people into realizing their potential!
Focus on the Family--Most have heard of this I'm sure. It's James Dobson's organization. I don't know tons about it, though I know at times that Dr. Dobson can be a bit extreme. I think they have some good resources on their site however.
Boundless Webzine--This is an online magazine designed for the issues that young adults are facing. They have great articles on a variety of topics that are biblical and helpful.
A Baptist Catechism--I know that many of you probably are not all that familiar with catechisms. We will hopefully talk about these in upcoming months. For those that might be interested, this is a good one I think.
C.J. Mahaney--This is my favorite preacher's blog. He has an amazing way of making spiritual issues so simple and so clear. He puts the gospel at the center of everything that he teaches and everything he does in his own personal life. I have benefited immensely from his ministry, so I thought I'd link you up with him.
ESV Online--This is just a link to the Bible online. It is the English Standard Version (which is what I typically use in my devotions and teaching).

That's it for now. I don't want to post too much, because I doubt many people will read this for a while. But it'd be great if I were surprised :)

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